Tobias Lange

We are going to school today, for even though we are young we must go to school because of our parents’ jobs in Port Elizabeth, today is a normal school day. We usually work on our arithmetic, but today we have a surprise, Mr. John Lombardo came today and taught us how to draw, it was fun. Now we are playing in the polluted water, Abongile, Nnbasheak, and I. We are playing there because there is not much water elsewhere in Joe Slovo, even though it is poisonous and dirty. Our parents tell us it is dangerous, they tell us it is poisonous but we don’t care, for our only care is to have fun playing in the water. We come home after playing in the water. We are soaked. Our parents tell us that it was a silly idea, playing in the water for they don’t want us to die of poisoning. We eat inside for it is too hot outside. When we wake up the next morning we feel horrible but we still go outside and play in the water for it is what we love to do and nothing will stop us loving and playing in the water.

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