Kristin Howell

Sun, Hills, and Stories

I’m sitting out in the hot blazing sun, wondering what to do for the day. I take a look up to the bright exuberant sky over my Africa. What a beauty it was here.

“Hey Nomi! Do you have any chores?” I said, trying to see if we could hang out today and enjoy the loveliness of the day.

“Nope!” he said with a grin, looking like he was going to ask me the same question.

“Good! So we can sit in the sun and relax. I know a great place we can go to, it’s just right up this road.” We both walked about a mile, talking of course, to a grassy hill and made ourselves comfortable. I took off my shirt because of the scorching heat. There was now nothing that protected my bare chest from the pesky mosquitoes. They were everywhere in swarms and bunches.

“Wow,” Nomi said in amazement. “Where did you get that scar?!” I had a deep gash across my arm. I had been hoping he would ask about it because it was a story I had been meaning to tell.

“It all started when I was walking to school,” I said trying to sound casual, knowing that if he knew where this story was going, he would react to it anything but casually. “I was walking for about an hour when I saw this HUGE poisonous snake hidden underneath the spiky green electric grass (I had a way with my descriptions). I decided that it was better that I found than somebody in his or her bed. I came to the conclusion that I was going to dispose of it. Maybe I should have come up with a greater plan before I attacked though (he mumbled). I walked up to it stealthily and quietly (Nomi made a face because we all knew that I was anything but stealthy and quite, but I kept on going).

It caught me by surprise when the snake heard me. It bared its poisonous fangs at me and then after a few seconds, leapt in to the air and tackled me (it had really slithered up my leg when I wasn’t looking but Nomi didn’t need to no that. Besides, it was WAY more authentic this way!). We wrestled for a few seconds. It was he than it was I! (I had to sell this story) until it made me loose my balance and fall on a thorn, which scratched me all the way up my arm. Its long prickles and huge points were not match for me though!”

“Oh my gosh! That probably really hurt!” said Nomi in a squeaky voice, trying to take in all of the action.

“Not really I replied,” trying to sound tough and brave. “Anyway, I finally beat it with a stick and threw it in to a pond nearby where I knew it would drowned and eventually die.”

“That’s so cool! Do you want to hear what happened to me?”

“Sure, in a few minutes I mean. I just want to bask in the sun for a while before we get back in to another remarkable story.

“Ok,” said Nomi, sounding a little disappointed. Wow. The sun was beautiful today. I could feel its hot rays shining on my skin. I could sit out and here and tell my stories forever.

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