Diana Steelman

I woke up at dawn to the familiar sound of my child crying from the corner of my house. There’s no point in getting a fancy alarm clock when I just wake up to the same cry and the same day. I get out of the bed to check the time and to put her back to sleep. I check my phone witch cost me 3 brutal months to save up. If I didn’t leave soon and get fresh crops from my own small garden in the back of my house, people will start showing up at my shack and I will not have what they need! At the thought of losing any customer, I quickly shuffled over to my daughter’s small crib, picked her up, and feed her some milk. Ones I had to feed her almost half of the bottle I set her back and she is not crying anymore.

I can finally go out side and collect my crops to sell. I take some vegetables and putt them in separate plastic bags that I got from the city and hour away.  I also to a bunch of fruit to make various drinks, you know to give my customers a variety of drinks. I can make a strawberry and kiwi juice and I might add a little bit of bananas. I could also make a coconut juice, but I get my coconuts from the city I did am not going to go today. Maybe tomorrow I will go. I also have a small goat, which is where I get my milk to sell.

At last I gather all my crops as much as I can carry and bring them to my shop/ the front of my house and hang them up. Then I go inside and wake up my child. I bring her outside and put her in her toddler seat. I take some oats that I planted and picked and started to make some oat meal for me and her throwing in some fruit to make it have a better taste. Sooner or later costumers would start showing up at my door, mostly the people who live in the neighborhood. For pretty much the rest of my day I will spend time making juices, making meals for my kid, and me and selling what I have.

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