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9th Grade History Research - Online Resources
Although you will need 3 print resources for this project, you don't have to use 3 books. The library's website hosts a variety of databases that include print material in easy-to-use databases. They have all the benefits of a reliable print sour (More)
9th Grade History Research - Books
Finding good movie reviews
Goals for today: Evaluating Sources, Finding movie reviews. Today, we are going to look at IMDb (Internet Movie Database) (More)
Common Knowledge
Welcome back! I'm glad you decided to stick around (Umm . . . Mr. Parson . . . we really don't have a choice.) Hey, thanks for thinking of that. Anyhoo, foolishness aside. It's (More)
Welcome to Information Literacy!
I'm glad you're here. In today's class, we are going to look at the course expectations, talk and think about plagiarism, and take a quick look the movie review project due at the end of the quarter. Speaking of the movie review project, you may (More)