11th-12th Grade Individual Explorations

Seven days of creative research, study, action and discussion that engages Packer students and faculty in intensive learning.  Our goal with the time allocated to this program is to extend learning opportunities and experiences beyond the traditional classroom.

The Great Outdoors in the Adirondacks

The Great Outdoors in the Adirondacks

Sample outcomes and experiences:

Click on  The History and Culture of Outdoor Recreation 

for the blog created by The Great Outdoors Symposium

An Informal Survey of Western Painting by European Art Movements

Songs of Social Protest Journal Excerpts   from Songs of Social Protest

Calligraphy – A History    by Chloe-Kate Abel and Cameron Deering

Final Feedback excerpts   from Life’s Big Questions

Click on Title for : The Scarlett Text    film by Get Reel Symposium





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