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Talk and Teach | May 13th

Thomas showed his lego plane to the Lemurs! The Lemurs saw that it resembled the Red Baron plane from World War 1.


Rafi brought in a robot dog lego piece that means a lot to him.


Clyde brought in a tyrannosaurus rex to share with the Lemurs – a gift from family members!


Cole brought in Star Wars action figures to share with the Lemurs!


Talk and Teach | April 29th

Cole shared a few of his hockey players from a game set he built with his dad! He also gave the Lemurs a few NY Islanders statistics.


Radha participated in “take your child to work day” and had an incredible time at 30 Rock last night! She wore a long pass as she toured the building. Radha even got to meet a famous gymnast and get her autograph!

IMG_0669 IMG_0668



Leaping Lemurs’ Publishing Party!

The Leaping Lemurs shared their personal narrative and non-fiction writing with friends and family at our publishing party this morning! Loved ones wrote beautiful comments on sticky notes to commend the Lemurs for their hard work!

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2nd Grade Author’s Visit

We were lucky enough to have Shana Corey, the author of The Secret Subway, speak to the second grade this afternoon! She delivered the important message that as a second grader herself (several years ago) she was an avid reader, above all else. It was only later in life, while working as an editor at a publishing house, that she decided to become a writer of children’s books. Prior to writing her books, she does an incredible amount of research and revising – just like our second graders!

You can see illustrations found in her books on the NYC subway!

IMG_0401 IMG_0400 IMG_0399 IMG_0398 IMG_0397 IMG_0396 IMG_0395 IMG_0394 IMG_0393 IMG_0392 IMG_0391 IMG_0390

Talk and Teach | March 11th

Cole and Willow made Superbowl rings for the Lemurs and taught the Lemurs a little bit about football history and recent updates (among them Payton Manning’s retirement and the upcoming draft).

IMG_0232 IMG_0231

Maeve and Radha made a book called “animal drawings.” Within it they drew a cheetah, a fox, and a grownup and baby koala. Radha then taught the Lemurs about gymnastics. We learned that gymnastics only used to be for boys and was introduced in the 1920s Amsterdam Olympics as also being a sport for girls. There are 4 events and your given a score (10 being a perfect score). The first perfect 10s were awarded in 1976. Radha received a book entitled, A Very Young Gymnast, from Amelie’s mom. She showed us a few images from this book.

IMG_0234 IMG_0233

Tiny Lincolns visit 2JR

The Leaping Lemurs were lucky enough to host 4 Tiny Lincolns in our classroom last week! Our Tiny Lincolns demonstrated their vast knowledge about President Lincoln, all while remaining in character (no easy feat!).

Thank you for your visits, President Lincoln!

IMG_3282 IMG_3281 IMG_3280   IMG_3277 IMG_3276 IMG_3275 IMG_3268 IMG_3267


Talk and Teach | February 12th

Amelie brought in tracing paper she uses to sketch different patterns and pictures. She keeps it in her “equestrian design kit.”


Thomas shared his skylanders with the Lemurs today! He brought in a few the Lemurs had not yet heard about.


Talk and Teach | Jan 8th

Amelie brought in an evergreen mini fir tree, or a small christmas tree to share with the Lemurs. She’s wanted a plant of her own for a long time now and affectionately named it “Tweet.” Amelie taught us how to nurture a plant such as this one. You water it about twice a week (specifically on Tuesdays and Saturdays), giving it about one tablespoon of water when you do. You may be inspiring Ms. Romero to get a plant of her own, Amelie!


Max brought in some special Pokemon cards to share with the class, letting us know the main differences between the different types of characters. Although many Lemurs consider themselves to be Pokemon experts, others had very important questions about the cards that Max thoroughly answered.


Grey shared a picture of a special craft she created in Kindergarten (alongside a few other Lemurs). She made each letter of her name using a different material, among them marbles, stones, and sticks.


Holiday Sock Snowmen!

The Leaping Lemurs made holiday sock snowmen this past week…yes, very cute SOCK snowmen! Each child poured different measurements of rice into a sock (first 1 1/2 cups, then 1 cup, and finally 1/2 cup), putting a rubber band around each section so that it all remained in tact. We then pulled over the end of the sock to make a snowman hat.

Finally, the Lemurs decorated their snowmen. They added facial features, such as an orange toothpick for a nose, as well as buttons and scarves with bells. Ms. Juttla and Ms. Romero gifted their snowmen, adding in some goodies and a holiday card!

Hoping we get some snow over the holiday break so that you’re able to make larger reenactments of your sock snowmen, Leaping Lemurs!


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