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Luca’s 8th Birthday

We celebrated Luca’s almost 8th birthday! Luca brought in some delicious chocolate Minecraft cupcakes to share with the Lemurs today.

Happy (almost) 8th birthday, Luca!




Thomas’ Birthday

The Lemurs celebrated Thomas’ (almost) 8th birthday yesterday afternoon! He brought in delicious chocolate cupcakes to share with the Lemurs .

IMG_0310 IMG_0309

Happy 8th Birthday, Thomas!

Seb’s Birthday

We celebrated Seb’s (almost) 8th birthday this afternoon! He brought in delicious brownie treats drenched in melted chocolate (yum!).


Happy Birthday, Seb!

Amelie’s Birthday

The Leaping Lemurs celebrated Amelie’s (almost) 8th birthday this morning! We enjoyed some DELICIOUS homemade cupcakes to celebrate the occasion!

We’re wishing you a happy 8th birthday, Amelie!


Happy 8th Birthday, Radha!

The Leaping Lemurs celebrated Radha’s 8th birthday this week! Radha brought in delicious sugar cookies that were so delicious many of us had to have second helpings!

Happy 8th Birthday, Radha!

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Mackenzie’s 8th Birthday!

The Leaping Lemurs celebrated Mackenzie’s 8th birthday this morning! Mackenzie brought in delicious brownie bites, decorative birthday napkins, and goody bags for the Lemurs (teachers included!).

Happy 8th Birthday, Mackenzie!

IMG_3022 IMG_3024

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