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Talk and Teach | April 29th

Cole shared a few of his hockey players from a game set he built with his dad! He also gave the Lemurs a few NY Islanders statistics.


Radha participated in “take your child to work day” and had an incredible time at 30 Rock last night! She wore a long pass as she toured the building. Radha even got to meet a famous gymnast and get her autograph!

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Area Equations | Math

As part of Number Corner, the Lemurs had a quick introduction to finding the area of rectangles today. Over the next few days they will be finding the area of various rectangles and begin to think about perimeter, too! 3rd grade- here we come!

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Brian (Lucy’s dad) came in to talk to the Lemurs about the celebration of Passover. He gave a detailed story about the liberation of the Jewish people over two and a half thousand years ago, as they were taken out of slavery in Egypt, led through the Split Sea and into the land of Israel. He also spoke about the seder his family celebrates and what different things on the seder plate represent. A few Lemurs then joined in and sang from the Haggadah before enjoying some special coconut macaroons!

Thanks for coming in, Brian!

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Parent Storytime, Emily (Grey’s Mom)

Emily (Grey’s mom) came in to read to the Lemurs this morning! She read the classic Caldecott Award winner in 1956, Anatole, which tells the story of a charming book about a self-respecting French mouse that goes out to prove to humans that mice are not “a disgrace to all of France”.

Thanks for reading to us, Emily!

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Planting Seeds | Science

The Lemurs are doing some gardening in science in celebration of Spring! They began by placing a folded paper towel with 4 different types of seeds in a ziplock bag and keeping it moist for 2 weeks. They then saw their seeds grow roots, and some even grew leaves. They then carefully placed their seeds into a biodegradable pot and filled it with soil and just enough water. The Lemurs had several smart questions throughout the process: Why does a root need to grow out so much? How much soil and water does a seed need? In what direction should the seed be planted? How much water and soil? 

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One Thousand Words

The Lemurs visited Agnes Lee’s One Thousand Words exhibit in the Shen Gallery yesterday! Ms. Juttla had the honor of meeting the artist in person at the opening reception and learned more about her artwork from the artist herself. Ms. Juttla spoke to the Lemurs about the visual abstractions Agnes creates from traditional Chinese poetry, which dates back hundreds (perhaps even thousands) of years! Each one of her marvelous paintings has 1,000 Chinese words within it.

The Lemurs walked around and observed these paintings and then shared their observations with the class. Maeve shared that one of her paintings “makes you feel like you’re in it”. Jackson looked at one painting from different angles and shared that “when you bend down the light follows you”. The Lemurs have been exploring the number 1,000 in math and found great inspiration within these paintings. Throughout the week the Lemurs have done a thousand clip art project in which they drew the 1,000 clips we’ve been studying in math this week, keeping tallies of their numbers as they worked – an example of Duke’s final product below!

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1,000 Links | Math

The Leaping Lemurs worked together to make a chain of 1,000 links, investigating multiples of 10 and 100 as they created sections of 10, then sections of 100, and finally one long chain of 1,000! The Lemurs predicted this chain of 1,000 would extend from our classroom to about half way down the hallway, but ACTUALLY it extended all the way down to the lower school office!!

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Timelines | Social Studies

What is the purpose of a timeline? Timelines tell a story.

The Lemurs were given a long strip and some cards with dates and facts on them. They were asked: What story is this timeline telling us? After arranging the cards in chronological order, the Lemurs discussed the story. Some ideas were: It’s telling us about all the presidents. The timeline tells us the story of important people. It shows about important things that happened. They were prompted to consider where in the world these presidents, important people and important things had taken place or had been. The Leaping Lemurs unanimously agreed that America was the answer. The timeline is telling us the story of America and some things that happened here. The Lemurs will be creating timelines of their own lives in order to share their story with others.

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