March 11th 2016 archive

Parent Storytime (Sabrina)

Nurse Sabrina (aka Clyde’s mom) read the The King, The Mice and the Cheese to the Lemurs this morning! The book has been passed down from Clyde’s father whose owned the book for about 40 years! It also just so happens that Clyde’s great grandfather also happens to have known the illustrators of the book –  incredible!

The main message the Lemurs took away is that perhaps making peace with critters or humans who you have to live with is best – in their eyes they felt this way about their siblings!

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Talk and Teach | March 11th

Cole and Willow made Superbowl rings for the Lemurs and taught the Lemurs a little bit about football history and recent updates (among them Payton Manning’s retirement and the upcoming draft).

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Maeve and Radha made a book called “animal drawings.” Within it they drew a cheetah, a fox, and a grownup and baby koala. Radha then taught the Lemurs about gymnastics. We learned that gymnastics only used to be for boys and was introduced in the 1920s Amsterdam Olympics as also being a sport for girls. There are 4 events and your given a score (10 being a perfect score). The first perfect 10s were awarded in 1976. Radha received a book entitled, A Very Young Gymnast, from Amelie’s mom. She showed us a few images from this book.

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