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Parent Storytime | Lauren

Sasha’s mom (Lauren) came in to read “The Smartest Giant in Town” to the Leaping Lemurs! Its the story of George the giant who is not only a sharp dresser but also far too kind – giving friends in his community articles of clothing off his back throughout the day. The Lemurs took away that in the end it pays to be kind to others.

Thank you for sharing this wonderful book with us, Lauren!

IMG_3343 IMG_3342!

Talk and Teach | Feb 26th

Ms. Juttla shared her clown “Jokey” whom she’s had since she was very, very young. She has made many modifications to Jokey over the years, sewing buttons and different colored patterns on him. Ms. Juttla also told the Lemurs a little bit about the history of clowns. The earliest record of “jesters” were found in old Egyptian tombs and used to entertain pharaohs thousands of years ago. In the early 1970s, an American doctor introduced clowns in hospital to cheer up patients.

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Clyde shared his baseball trophies. One of his trophies was signed by the Brooklyn Cyclones’ mascots. He also brought in a fly ball that his dad caught while at a Boston Red Sox v. New York Yankees game (he kindly asked the Lemurs to be very careful with it!).


Soledad brought in a map of Costa Rica. She told us a little bit about the geography of Costa Rica. One thing she really liked about being in Costa Rica was going ziplining where she got very muddy!


Tiny Lincolns visit 2JR

The Leaping Lemurs were lucky enough to host 4 Tiny Lincolns in our classroom last week! Our Tiny Lincolns demonstrated their vast knowledge about President Lincoln, all while remaining in character (no easy feat!).

Thank you for your visits, President Lincoln!

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Talk and Teach | February 12th

Amelie brought in tracing paper she uses to sketch different patterns and pictures. She keeps it in her “equestrian design kit.”


Thomas shared his skylanders with the Lemurs today! He brought in a few the Lemurs had not yet heard about.


Ndonyo Wasin | Ms. Davis

Ms. Davis visited our class on Monday to tell us all about Ndonyo Wasin. Over her three trips to Kenya, Ms. Davis has compiled some fantastic photographs showcasing everyday life and culture of the Samburu. The Samburu region is rich in volcanic history which is reflected in the geology of the land. Ndonyo Wasin means ‘the three painted hills’ referring to the red, black, and white hills that stand above the school and village. Ms. Davis introduced us to her friend, Lesipeti, who is the head (and wisest) warrior. He ensures that wild animals are kept away from homes and people- especially visitors! Ms. Davis shared so much information with us- she was with us for almost an hour! The Lemurs throughly enjoyed hearing about Ndonyo Wasin from someone who has actually been there. They asked some insightful questions, including: Why did the school girl have a key around her neck? (Soledad); How do the students find their tribes if they move twice a year? (Jackson P); Do they cry sometimes because they seem really tough? (Amelie); Do the kids in Ndonyo Wasin learn about us? (Mackenzie); Does the school have traditions like we do at Packer? (Lucy). Ask your Lemur about what they learned. Throughout our study of Ndonyo Wasin, we are striving to instill open mindedness in our students and are encouraging them to understand that different doesn’t mean bad. We are challenging stereotypes and are asking them to think about they way people live in different ways. There is much to learn from the Samburu and Ms. Davis pointed out that the students in Ndonyo Wasin think our lives in NYC are very different, too.

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Talk and Teach | Feb 5th

Willow, Max, and Clyde shared their Skylanders with the Leaping Lemurs! They shared their great knowledge (how do they know all this?!) about Skylanders: each Skylanders’ strengths/weaknesses and extravagant stories.

IMG_3260 IMG_3259 IMG_3258

Rafi and Cole shared their football and hockey cards with the Lemurs! They described different players on different teams. Just in time for Superbowl Sunday!


Jackson P. shared his dragon made out of legos! He described the process of first planning out his design and then building it into what it is now.


Parent Storytime (Lisi)

Max’s mom (Lisi) came into read “Max’s Castle” to the Leaping Lemurs this morning! The Lemurs were noticing the clever changing of block letters to form different words, such as “moat” and “boat.”

Thank you for sharing this wonderful book with us, Lisi!

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Parent Storytime (Paula)

Paula (Henry’s mom) came into read to the Leaping Lemurs yesterday morning! She read “The Night I Followed the Dog,” which had us Lemurs thinking…what do our pets do when we’re not looking? The Lemurs were eager to share about their many pets at home!


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