Talk and Teach | Jan 8th

Amelie brought in an evergreen mini fir tree, or a small christmas tree to share with the Lemurs. She’s wanted a plant of her own for a long time now and affectionately named it “Tweet.” Amelie taught us how to nurture a plant such as this one. You water it about twice a week (specifically on Tuesdays and Saturdays), giving it about one tablespoon of water when you do. You may be inspiring Ms. Romero to get a plant of her own, Amelie!


Max brought in some special Pokemon cards to share with the class, letting us know the main differences between the different types of characters. Although many Lemurs consider themselves to be Pokemon experts, others had very important questions about the cards that Max thoroughly answered.


Grey shared a picture of a special craft she created in Kindergarten (alongside a few other Lemurs). She made each letter of her name using a different material, among them marbles, stones, and sticks.


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