January 2016 archive

Talk and Teach | Jan 29th

Clyde got this wooden jaguar artifact while in Mexico with his family a few years ago. It’s special for him because it took him awhile to find. The eyes have a painted plastic jewel which lights up red. Clyde blew through it from the top and made a unique sound for us.


Jackson brought in a crystal he received on Christmas. He explained that it was a process in which he first had to mix a powder and let it rest for a week before it grew into a blue crystal. Jackson is excited to help his sister create one of her own this weekend!


Lucy brought in one of her American Girl dolls named Julie, as well as her cats, Maddie and Coco. Lucy takes very great care of her doll. Julie has had her ears pierced and often gets her hair done – lucky Julie! 


Planning a Model Nkaji | Science

The Leaping Lemurs are continuing their unit on structures in science by studying the homes of the Samburu tribe in Kenya.

This past week the Lemurs brainstormed materials used by the Samburu to build their homes (nkajis), which when enclosed together make a manyatta. These next few weeks the Lemurs will make their own nkajis in small groups. They will continue to brainstorm and plan their designs in the upcoming week.

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Bundles & Sticks | Math

The Leaping lemurs worked together to estimate and then count a large collection of popsicle sticks, regrouping the sticks into hundreds, tens, and ones. As we counted students crossed off our original estimates.

Our final count: A whopping 878 popsicle sticks!


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Happy 8th Birthday, Radha!

The Leaping Lemurs celebrated Radha’s 8th birthday this week! Radha brought in delicious sugar cookies that were so delicious many of us had to have second helpings!

Happy 8th Birthday, Radha!

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Talk and Teach | Jan 8th

Amelie brought in an evergreen mini fir tree, or a small christmas tree to share with the Lemurs. She’s wanted a plant of her own for a long time now and affectionately named it “Tweet.” Amelie taught us how to nurture a plant such as this one. You water it about twice a week (specifically on Tuesdays and Saturdays), giving it about one tablespoon of water when you do. You may be inspiring Ms. Romero to get a plant of her own, Amelie!


Max brought in some special Pokemon cards to share with the class, letting us know the main differences between the different types of characters. Although many Lemurs consider themselves to be Pokemon experts, others had very important questions about the cards that Max thoroughly answered.


Grey shared a picture of a special craft she created in Kindergarten (alongside a few other Lemurs). She made each letter of her name using a different material, among them marbles, stones, and sticks.


Parent Storytime | Thomas’ Dad

Thomas’ dad, Donald, came in to read, If I Ran the Zoo by Dr. Seuss to the Leaping Lemurs yesterday morning. Gerald has some imaginative ideas for what he would do if he ran a zoo – from caring for a scraggle-foot Mulligatawny to a wild-haired Iota (from the Western part of south-east North Dakota).

Its always lovely to hear the fanciful rhymes of Dr. Seuss – thank you, Donald!

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Whole Body Listening

One of our morning meeting topics for the week, which has extended into different parts of our day, is how to be strong Whole Body Listeners. The Lemurs talked to one another about what it might mean to listen to one another with your whole body, prior to our whole group discussions. Among other things it means listening with our ears, sitting up straight and tall and criss-cross, keeping our mouths closed while others are speaking and, perhaps most importantly, smiling.

Luca was kind enough to stand up front and center and remind his peers about the different aspects of whole body listening. 

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Building a Model Suspension Bridge | Science

The Leaping Lemurs dove right back into their study of bridges in science this week! Through building a model suspension bridge with Mrs. Choi the Lemurs were better able to understand its many, many parts. They then sketched a model of their bridge into the science notebooks.

Ask a Lemur about the different parts of a suspension bridge – they’re experts!

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Mackenzie’s 8th Birthday!

The Leaping Lemurs celebrated Mackenzie’s 8th birthday this morning! Mackenzie brought in delicious brownie bites, decorative birthday napkins, and goody bags for the Lemurs (teachers included!).

Happy 8th Birthday, Mackenzie!

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Master Class | Fiction Writing & Illustrating

Before the break we were extremely lucky to be invited to a Master Class in the Blackburn Library. The author and illustrator of the hilarious ‘Dragons Love Tacos’, Adam Rubin and Daniel Salmieri, showcased their latest best seller ‘Robo-Sauce’. Adam and Daniel explained how they have developed their writing and drawing skills over time. Adam always writes about things that interest him and Daniel enjoys drawing things from his real life.

It all starts with an idea… “Hey, Dan, what if we write a book about robots?” “Robots? Cool!” Adam then starts writing different robot stories and Dan sketches lots of robots (in a sketch book that he carries at all times in his back pocket). Once Dan has finished a draft that he’s happy with, he sends it to Dan who then starts drawing the story. Dan draws “hundreds” of thumb nail sized drawings. The process continues with lots of editing and redrafting until Adam and Dan both feel happy with the result (which is awesome!). The main message they had was: “Collaboration- together we’re stronger”. The Master Class ended with a reading of ‘Robo-Sauce’ and Chris having a bucket of sauce tipped over her head- turning her into a robot!

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