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Celebrating Kwanzaa!

Simone Pratt (Jackson’s mom) came into teach the Leaping Lemurs about the celebration of Kwanzaa, which is a week-long celebration that takes place between December 26th and January 1st! We learned that the festivities celebrate African-American heritage, community, family, justice and nature.

Simone and Jackson dressed in traditional African clothing and brought in a Kwanza kinara with green, black, and red candles to share with the Lemurs. In addition, she was kind enough to bake us a DELICIOUS sweet potato pie, which we all got to enjoy at the end of the day.

Thank you Simone and Jackson for a wonderful introduction to the holiday of Kwanzaa!

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Holiday Sock Snowmen!

The Leaping Lemurs made holiday sock snowmen this past week…yes, very cute SOCK snowmen! Each child poured different measurements of rice into a sock (first 1 1/2 cups, then 1 cup, and finally 1/2 cup), putting a rubber band around each section so that it all remained in tact. We then pulled over the end of the sock to make a snowman hat.

Finally, the Lemurs decorated their snowmen. They added facial features, such as an orange toothpick for a nose, as well as buttons and scarves with bells. Ms. Juttla and Ms. Romero gifted their snowmen, adding in some goodies and a holiday card!

Hoping we get some snow over the holiday break so that you’re able to make larger reenactments of your sock snowmen, Leaping Lemurs!


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Parent Storytime | Jackson’s Mom

Jackson’s mom (Jennifer) read the classic Dr. Seuss book, Green Eggs and Ham to the Leaping Lemurs this morning! We agreed that even though a food may not at first seem appealing, we should try it. We might just find out that it is actually delicious!


Talk and Teach | Dec 11th

Jackson shared the testing rocket ships he got on a cruise to Florida. He even taught the Leaping Lemurs a thing or two about our solar system, pointing to different planets, stars and our location in the Milky Way.


Ava shared her family’s book, “Elf Shelf: A Reindeer Tradition,” as well as her reindeer “Sparkles” that goes along with it! Ava takes great care of Sparkles so that Santa will be sure to stop by her home this year. Ms. Juttla then read the book to the Leaping Lemurs to end our week.




Clyde shared great wisdom about Packer’s history this afternoon. In particular he shared information about Harriet Packer’s background and the school history as an all girls school.

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Talk and Teach | Dec 4th

Seb brought in a peacock coin bank he made at the Painted Pot in Park Slope!


Max, Duke, Clyde, Thomas, and Amelie created their own Minecraft imaginary city this past week. Needless to say the Leaping Lemurs could not ask enough questions of them all!

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Radha’s mom came in this afternoon to teach the Leaping Lemurs about the Dutch holiday “Sinterklaas,” celebrated on December 5th. Henriette shared with us the holiday’s rich traditions as well as its festive music and delicious Dutch sweets!


Happy (early) Birthday, Soledad!

Soledad is lucky enough to celebrate her birthday while ringing in the new year each year! The Leaping Lemurs were lucky to be able to celebrate with Soledad in the classroom just a few weeks early.

Happy (almost) 8th birthday, Soledad!

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