November 24th 2015 archive

NYC Water Taxi Trip

The 2nd Grade took a wonderful boat ride up the East River in a NYC Water Taxi this morning! We were able to take in NYC’s majestic skyline and many MANY bridges. Mr. Youngblut made an excellent tour guide, providing rich information!

Parent Chaperones – please feel free to send Ms. Romero any pictures you would like added to this blog post!

IMG_2842 IMG_2843 IMG_2835 IMG_2834 IMG_2831 IMG_2830 IMG_2829 IMG_2828 IMG_2827 IMG_2826 IMG_2825 IMG_2824 IMG_2823 IMG_2822 IMG_2821 IMG_2820 IMG_2819 IMG_2818 IMG_2817 IMG_2816 IMG_2815 IMG_2814 IMG_2813 IMG_2812 IMG_2811 IMG_2808

Balloons Over Broadway: Happy Thanksgiving

The Leaping Lemurs read Balloons Over Broadway, the story of Tony Sarg who first invented the “upside-down puppets” that have become the trademark of the Macy’s Day Parade! Using Tony as inspiration we then made our own animal puppets using mixed-media illustrations.

A video below of our official Leaping Lemurs’ Thanksgiving Day Parade!

Happy Thanksgiving!!