November 20th 2015 archive

Parent Storytime | Erin

Erin (Maeve’s mom) read Only One Woof by James Herriot to the Leaping Lemurs this morning, a story about a cheerful but always silent sheep dog…that is until the sheep dog trials! She shared with us that James Herriot was one of her favorite authors as a child and a big inspiration in her choosing to become a veterinarian!

The Leaping Lemurs had a variety of questions for Erin, the biggest being what the ratio is between dog and human years. I sense a challenging math problem coming about!

IMG_2754  IMG_2756  IMG_2758


Talk and Teach | Nov 20th

Maeve brought in her brother, Finn’s, ant farm! The ants arrive in the mail and they poured them into the . Maeve and Finn dug “starting tunnels” for the ants and the ants continue to dig from there. They are all “harvester ants,” or “worker ants.” Maeve’s observations have led her to conclude that at night the ants crawl into their “sleeping chambers.”


Mackenzie brought in a family picture from this summer! She introduced us to her first, second, AND third cousins!