November 12th 2015 archive

The Year of Billy Miller!

Ms. Juttla has been reading The Year of Billy Miller by Kevin Henkes to the Leaping Lemurs. A goodreads reviewer captured the novel best: “its a story that captures the magic of ordinary things–a smile from your teacher, your love for an annoying little sister, or sharing a quiet moment with your parent.”

Ask your child for his/her own opinion of the novel!

the year of billy miller 


Happy Diwali!

The Leaping Lemurs had such a wonderful day celebrating Diwali! It was a day filled with henna designs, arts and crafts, dancing, food, and all around joy and festivity! Ms. Juttla ended the day’s events by lighting four teacup candles as we all made good wishes for the years ahead.

If you don’t already like “The Packer Collegiate Institute” on Facebook please go ahead and follow the page to see a wonderful post about the day’s events:

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