November 1st 2015 archive

Visiting Artist | Fernando Peguero Garcia

The Leaping Lemurs were invited to the 5th floor art studio to meet with a visiting artist Fernando Peguero Garcia from Oaxaca, Mexico. Ms. Romero was lucky enough to serve as an interpreter for the Crickets (KSWM) and the Leaping Lemurs.

Fernando’s artwork consists of using barro (clay) to make objects reflective of Mexican culture, specifically El Dia de los Muertos. Fernando showed us how to shape clay using certain everyday tools or items found in the natural environment (e.g. leaves). Students had so many different questions about his work, but among Ms. Romero’s favorite questions was: what happens when you mess up? Fernando replied, you start over again and you just keep trying until you get it right.

Great advice children can carry into different parts of their lives – gracias, Fernando!

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Talk and Teach | Oct 31st

A few of our Leaping Lemurs taught our class about items close to their hearts this past Friday!

Clyde shared some designs he’s been working on in Pixel Academy. While at Pixel Academy he uses advanced technology to create designs and then plays with them on…you guessed it, Minecraft!

IMG_2482 2

Mackenzie brought in an incredible versatile toy ice cream truck! The Leaping Lemurs had many questions about the various things this toy could do.


Amelie shared with us pages from one of her favorite books, The Recess Queen. Not only does the story have a great moral but it also has incredible illustrations! The Leaping Lemurs are going to find the time to have a proper read-aloud of this book in the next few weeks.


Cole brought in a few toys that are near and dear to his heart: skylanders. Needless to say he generated a lot of excitement in the room as he carefully brought skylanders out one by one!