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NYC Water Taxi Trip

The 2nd Grade took a wonderful boat ride up the East River in a NYC Water Taxi this morning! We were able to take in NYC’s majestic skyline and many MANY bridges. Mr. Youngblut made an excellent tour guide, providing rich information!

Parent Chaperones – please feel free to send Ms. Romero any pictures you would like added to this blog post!

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Balloons Over Broadway: Happy Thanksgiving

The Leaping Lemurs read Balloons Over Broadway, the story of Tony Sarg who first invented the “upside-down puppets” that have become the trademark of the Macy’s Day Parade! Using Tony as inspiration we then made our own animal puppets using mixed-media illustrations.

A video below of our official Leaping Lemurs’ Thanksgiving Day Parade!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Types of Bridges | Science

The Leaping Lemurs are beginning to explore the different types of bridges: (1) arch, (2) beam, (3) suspension, and (4) truss bridges. They worked hard to label the different parts of the bridges in science.

In the next few days the 2nd grade will be looking at the bridges of New York City in their classrooms through our social studies unit, as well as seeing them up close on the New York Water Taxi trip!

IMG_2790 IMG_2789 IMG_2788 2 IMG_2787 IMG_2786 2

Parent Storytime | Erin

Erin (Maeve’s mom) read Only One Woof by James Herriot to the Leaping Lemurs this morning, a story about a cheerful but always silent sheep dog…that is until the sheep dog trials! She shared with us that James Herriot was one of her favorite authors as a child and a big inspiration in her choosing to become a veterinarian!

The Leaping Lemurs had a variety of questions for Erin, the biggest being what the ratio is between dog and human years. I sense a challenging math problem coming about!

IMG_2754  IMG_2756  IMG_2758


Talk and Teach | Nov 20th

Maeve brought in her brother, Finn’s, ant farm! The ants arrive in the mail and they poured them into the . Maeve and Finn dug “starting tunnels” for the ants and the ants continue to dig from there. They are all “harvester ants,” or “worker ants.” Maeve’s observations have led her to conclude that at night the ants crawl into their “sleeping chambers.”


Mackenzie brought in a family picture from this summer! She introduced us to her first, second, AND third cousins!


Talk and Teach | Nov 13th

Rafi brought in a swan made out of glass from Sweden for Talk and Teach this week! There are many doves in Sweden, Rafi shared with us, and it brings fond memories of their Swedish home away from home. 


Lucy informed us that tennis balls were first made in the 15th century and were originally white in color! But in 1952, in order for people to see the tennis ball on TV, they made the tennis ball an optic yellow color! The ball is hollow inside and is designed to be “aerodynamic.” 

IMG_2709 IMG_2710

Duke brought in a diwa lamp he had made in Kindergarten in honor of our Diwali celebration this past week! He had painted and decorated the lamp, and worked very hard on it.


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