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Sorting & Graphing Beetles | Math

In this first unit of our Bridges math curriculum students created beetle glyphs to represent personal information: gender, birth month, number of people with whom they live, and favorite sport. We then sorted the glyphs in a variety of ways, learning more about the new classroom community in the process. Lastly, we laid them out in a picture graph formation and as a class constructed a bar graph to represent the data.

Picture Graph

Mealworms v. Waxworms | Science

The Leaping Lemurs have been carefully observing the differences and similarities between waxworms and mealworms for the past couple of weeks! After carefully observing each specimen through a magnifying glass, as well as the naked eye, students came together and created a venn diagram to capture the differences and similarities between the two. Mrs. Choi and Ms. Romero were blown away when students brought background knowledge about these specimens to enrich the conversation further!



Venn Diagram | Science

Grey’s Exciting News!

On Friday, Grey brought in an ostrich egg shell to share with her classmates. Her grandfather found the ostrich egg in the forest and together they cracked, cooked, and served it to their family! Grey passed the egg shell around so that her classmates could feel just how smooth and shiny it is.

A small piece of the ostrich egg is on display in our classroom.

Come and take a look!

Grey Share

Grey Share