Parent Storytime (Annete)

Annete (Rafi’s mom) came in this morning and read Matisse’s Garden to the Leaping Lemurs – a simple – and simply beautiful – story of the artist Matisse’s paper cuts, how they came to be art under his hand, in a way that will open children’s minds to shape, form, color, and joy!

Thank you for reading to us, Annete!

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Talk and Teach | June 3rd

Amelie and Soledad did a share about horses and cats. Amelie brought in a book entitled, “Horse Crazy Girls,” which she explained is a book anyone can read. They gave us statistics about both species of animals and introduced us to a few different stuffed animals.

Maeve presented her First Communion on April 24th. She presented photos and also explained a little more about the process and the actual ceremony.

Talk and Teach | May 13th

Thomas showed his lego plane to the Lemurs! The Lemurs saw that it resembled the Red Baron plane from World War 1.


Rafi brought in a robot dog lego piece that means a lot to him.


Clyde brought in a tyrannosaurus rex to share with the Lemurs – a gift from family members!


Cole brought in Star Wars action figures to share with the Lemurs!


May Day | 2016

Celebrating Packer’s Core Values: Scholarship, Creativity, Integrity, Curiosity, Respect, and Joy. What a fantastic way to wrap up an amazing year! Quote of the day, “Next year, we’ll be on the risers.” Look out 3rd Grade!

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Talk and Teach | April 29th

Cole shared a few of his hockey players from a game set he built with his dad! He also gave the Lemurs a few NY Islanders statistics.


Radha participated in “take your child to work day” and had an incredible time at 30 Rock last night! She wore a long pass as she toured the building. Radha even got to meet a famous gymnast and get her autograph!

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Area Equations | Math

As part of Number Corner, the Lemurs had a quick introduction to finding the area of rectangles today. Over the next few days they will be finding the area of various rectangles and begin to think about perimeter, too! 3rd grade- here we come!

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Brian (Lucy’s dad) came in to talk to the Lemurs about the celebration of Passover. He gave a detailed story about the liberation of the Jewish people over two and a half thousand years ago, as they were taken out of slavery in Egypt, led through the Split Sea and into the land of Israel. He also spoke about the seder his family celebrates and what different things on the seder plate represent. A few Lemurs then joined in and sang from the Haggadah before enjoying some special coconut macaroons!

Thanks for coming in, Brian!

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