Little artists, big ideas

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Kindergarteners came to the gallery with their eyes wide open and their curious minds prepared to explore John Clement’s sculptures. After roaming around the room collecting questions and observations, they came together as a group to share the knowledge they built with their eyes and minds. As a group they swapped insights and inquiry about the art making process before creating their own masterpieces. The ordinary (straight line; pipe cleaner) was transformed into the extraordinary (lively shapes; work of art) through the twisting and turning of inspired hands.

Sounds like a familiar process, Mr. Clement, doesn’t it?


KMG 3During his residency in October Mr. Clement visited with Ms. Montero and Ms. Greenblatt’s class. The class blog tells a story of an amazing morning had by all:

“The Kindergarten Seahorses walked across the garden to our on-campus art gallery to view John Clement’s art show entitled, “Fresh Eyes.”  Students were invited to wander around the Carol Shen Gallery and talk with John Clement.  The artist shared that he has always been really interested in shapes, particularly circles.  He explained his artistic process: making sketches, clay models, and finally large scale steel sculptures.  To the students delight, he invited them to touch his work.  After exploring the gallery, John Clement invited our students to draw something inspired by his work.  The students found a comfortable spot near a favorite sculpture and set to work drawing these colorful designs.  Students said that John’s work reminded them of roller coasters, snails, tornados, and hurricanes.”

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