Moving through space

We are midway through the exhibition cycle and the conversations around Fresh Eyes continue to blossom and thrive. Students of all ages have been engaging with the artwork through a variety of entry points. A previous post on this blog highlighted a few efforts across the departments and divisions. The list of inspired collaborations is growing daily, each item adding to the richness of the learning experience for the community as a whole.

Two new entries must be added to this impressive tally:


Upper School students accompanied Ms. White to the gallery to utilize the artwork as a launching point for inquiry. Together we defined and answered the following essential questions that link sculpture and movement:

  • If the body is inherently sculptural given its 3-dimensionality, how does the viewer perceive the form? How does its placement affect the experience?

  • How do we (the viewers) know what part of the body or sculpture is the front or the back?

  • Is scale governed by emotion, size or impact?

Visual Arts and Physical Education – a combined effort

Third grade movers and thinkers studied Mr. Clement’s sculptures for clues on basic principles of balance, shape and light to inform the process of creating their own public art installations.

Creating *sometimes* balanced sculptures with bodies and PE materials

Connecting shapes and shadows through quick observational sketches

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