New beginnings. New interpretations. Fresh Eyes.

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On Friday September 26th, John Clement installed the last pieces of his exhibition, Fresh Eyes in the Carol Shen Gallery. A buzz of excitement could be felt throughout the halls and in the classrooms. “When’s the opening?” and “What’s going on in the Shen? It looks amazing up there!” were the ubiquitous refrains of students, faulty and parents.

This past week students from the 4/5’s to freshman visited the exhibition to interpret simple concepts made complex through art. Here are a few highlights:


Physical Education

Lower School students built on foundation concepts such as shape (4/5’s), line (1st grade) and energy (2nd grade) with their bodies in the gallery AND then in the gym.

Next up: 3rd graders consider “balance” as a design concept and a sometimes precarious body skill.

Quote of the day: “Look! I am a moving sculpture!”

Visual Art

Fourth grade artists combined geometry concepts with the sculptor’s challenge to provide 3 dimensional viewer engagement in a mock design project. Each student sketched out their vision for a sculpture that alters, yet remains true to, one of three geometric shapes (circle, square or triangle). Students quickly figured out that they could break down the form into sub forms, e.g. square to rectangles, smaller squares or triangles.

After breaking down Mr. Clement’s shapes from circle to spiral to line, first graders transformed the linear shape of the pipe cleaners to magnificent works of art, alive with motion and originality.


Using John Clement’s artwork as a launching point for inspiration, students entered this rotation of FreshArts with a primer in the language and communication skills needed to express personal vision and point of view.






Watch this space for updates, additional photos and new blog posts 



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