Week 1

Dear KJR Families,


Our first week of school together was short but sweet!  We spent lots of time getting to know one another and building connections.  New friendships have already begun to form and it has been so wonderful to watch our new classroom community come together.


The first week of school was spent learning lots of new routines.  Routines ground children in expectations, providing consistency and predictability in their school day.  When learning a new procedure, teachers always model the routine first, and then ask a child to model.  Your kindergartners loved this opportunity to act as an example for their friends and we loved watching the pride they took in following the directions. We have been so impressed by the helpful, positive spirit present in our classroom community. We can already see your children building a foundation of trust and respect.  It is going to be  a great year!  


There was lots of play that took place this week! Play is the work of children, and their work began on day one! We started the week with some Kapla block exploration.  This open-ended material can be used in an infinite number of ways, providing space for a number of creative interpretations.  Throughout the week children visited this material over and over again and we have already noticed them beginning to build in more sophisticated ways.  Kapla blocks will be a fixture in our classroom and we look forward to watching their engineering skills develop!

Shell exploration has been a big hit this week! Throughout the year children will work to hone their observation skills.  With magnifying glasses in hand your kindergartners eagerly discussed the varying properties of the shells.  Already, organic classification and categorization has begun.  Many friends were motivated to draw their noticings and we challenged them to look closely and to draw what they saw.  Make sure to check out their documentation of shells under the loft!

Throughout the week friends spent time drawing, beading and puzzling! We have enjoyed watching them work alongside one another, sharing materials and helping one another out!

We opened the loft this week! Friends were so eager to work in Dramatic Play and while not everyone had a turn, everyone was so flexible, understanding that next week they too will have the opportunity to let their imaginations run wild in this space.

We also enjoyed some water play at the Sensory Table. With cups, pitchers, funnels, spoons, gems and stones there was lots of imaginary play taking place.

On Friday we had our first Choice Time! Choice Time is the meat of our school day, as we are committed to rich learning grounded in play.  Everyday, play experiences will change based on student interests, teacher provocations and the needs of our learners.  During Choice Time children will learn to navigate their social and emotional worlds, developing many skills including (but not limited to): self-regulation, cooperation, resiliency, collaboration, critical thinking, problem solving, oral language, tolerance, flexibility and creativity.    During Choice Time the teachers will actively observe and document your children’s thinking.  Our documentation will be carefully considered and used to inform curriculum, as well as, to prepare meaningful contexts for further investigations. We look forward to diving into our students magical worlds of fantasy!  Stay tuned for many new centers opening at Choice Time next week.  


As we nurture a respectful classroom culture, we have been documenting children making helpful choices.  Take a look at all of the care and love that is already present in our classroom.  Next week, we will use these photos to help us develop class rules.


We met many important community members this week! It was so fun to have many special teachers and staff members stop by to say hello!



We had our first art and music classes! This year Ms. Titone will be our art teacher and Ms. Cibrano and Ms. Meadows (currently on maternity leave) will be our music teachers. Ask your friend to show you their first piece of artwork or sing you one of the many songs we learned this week!

It is hard to believe our first week of school has come and gone. We are loving spending time with your sweet children and we cannot wait for our first full week next week!


Please make sure to look at the many photos from  the week in album 1. (Week 1 photos )


We hope you have a wonderful weekend!



Erica and Chelsea

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