Welcome to KJR!

Dear KJR Families,

The year is off to a great start already! Our first morning was short and sweet, and left us eager for more time together. Tomorrow we will meet for a half day of school with our whole class! We can’t wait to form our classroom community and watch new friendships begin to blossom.  In case your kiddo came home talking about someone special, here is a class facebook from our first day of school.

Throughout the school year we will update our blog on a weekly basis.  Our hope is that this website will serve as a window into classroom life, providing a way for you to connect with your kindergartner about their daily inquiries.  We are committed to documenting your child’s learning and we are hopeful that you will visit this website often. Stay tuned… Kindergarten discoveries and explorations coming soon!
All Our Best,
Erica & Chelsea

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