Behind the Scenes

The week was a scorcher! Suddenly, it truly feels like summer is fast approaching.  We took the opportunity to spend lots of time outside, including having two picnic lunches and extended Garden time.

Some of that time outside was spent filming our *top secret* special project, code name: Project ‘Paw of the Leopard’.  On Monday, the Beavers created their costumes, complete with homemade tiger masks, tails made from stuffed socks, scrap fabric, and donated t-shirts.  It was truly a collaborative effort on the part of the Beaver families, the students, and the teaching team, so thank you to all for providing the materials!

Costumes in hand, we set out to record some B Footage throughout the school.  Locations included Imagination Station, the front steps of Packer, the Kindergarten classrooms, the Garden, and much more.  Although we can’t reveal too much (in the name of preserving secrecy, and all), here is a sneak peak into our behind the scenes action:

A HUGE thank you to Jalen’s Dad, Christopher, who generously dedicated his time and expertise to help us record our very own version of a *certain* favorite song for a *certain* special project.  The Beavers belted it out, and we got it all in one take!  It was so gratifying to hear all of our hard work and practice come to fruition.  We can’t wait to hear the final cut!

In an effort to deepen our learning within our special project, we read some nonfiction selections about tigers.  We learned many interesting facts, including special information about the patterns of tigers’ stripes, how old they are when their canines come in, and at what age tiger cubs leave their mothers to venture out on their own.  We also learned about how tigers are an endangered species, and the Beavers were saddened to learn that much of this is due to the illegal practice of poaching, as well as the destruction of the tigers’ natural habitats.  Being the kind, caretakers that they are, the Beavers have begun the conversation of how to help to preserve the species. They are interested to learn more about Project Tiger, a natural conservation effort to save tigers all over the world.

We visited the International Fair today, and the Beavers were thrilled to see our Buddies in action!  The Beavers enjoyed some international treats, and got to watch the performance of dances from around the world, performed by the Fourth Grade classes.  Bravo to all!

We celebrated three more summer birthdays this week! Two Beavers, and a teacher!

Lastly, a huge highlight of the week was our class trip to Yankee Stadium.  Once again, a HUGE thank you to the Jeter-Martin family for not only organizing the trip, but accompanying us through the stadium.  Thank you, as well, to our parent volunteers.  Here are just a few of the photos from the trip, but please check the Google Photos page, as there are many more to be seen!

Have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!


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