Digging Deeper…

Despite the dreary weather, the Beavers managed to fill our days with their sunshiney smiles! Always looking on the bright side, the Beavers thought the rain made for some excellent mud play.  On Monday, we went excavating to further explore our Garden’s treasures.  Common themes were: if we dig and dig and dig, we will find treasure or the “underworld.” To provoke further conversation about this idea, we set out lots of “treasures” at the Playdough table.  Additionally, we brought the mud from outside, IN! We continued to “dig deeper” with the Underworld idea, asking them to think about how they could expand upon this idea in their play.  We read them Roxaboxen by Alice McClerran and Barbara Cooney.  In this book, the characters create  a town called Roxaboxen made of mud, sticks, stones and found treasures.  We were curious to see how a reading of this story may shape or influence the Beavers play.  While reading, the Beavers talked about games they play and where they always play them.  Steelo mentioned a table in his house that he always pretends is an island.  Téa shared about a tree in her neighbor’s backyard that has a canopy that feels like a fort.  The Beavers agreed that the mud they have been digging in felt like an underworld or a place where buried treasures might be.  We will further explore these ideas next week.

Another highlight from the week was visiting the Book Fair.  Before heading over we discussed what it means to shop with a “budget.”  We talked about how they had $5 to spend and it was up to them how they wanted to spend their money.  We used this as an opportunity to explore combinations and the various ways to make 5.   When we arrived at the Book Fair, your children were very deliberate with their choices, making decisions about books to purchase based on price and their interests.  When they had finished shopping, ON THEIR OWN they then traveled over to the cash registers to pay for their books.  The cashiers could not resist the sweet shoppers, and your children couldn’t have been prouder of their independence as they paid for their books.  
While shopping, a few friends mentioned that they felt sad that Elfie was missing our visit to the Book Fair because she was sick.  We asked them what they thought would be a nice surprise to her upon her return and collectively, they decided to pick out books for her! They had lots of conversation about her interests and all that they know about their friend. They ended up choosing a book about the Tooth Fairy (as Elfie has been losing lots of teeth lately!) and a book about dogs in Hollywood (as they know she loves dogs!) Time and time again we are touched by the caring and empathetic nature of your children.  This sweet anecdote is one of many. They have developed such tight bonds and really look out for each other.  Our Beaver community is like a family and we feel so lucky to be a part of it.   

An update on composting:

Thank you Uncle Tyler (Téa’s uncle!) for sharing a video from Blue Pepper Farm about his composting efforts.  In response to his video, the Beavers were eager to put together a video about composting in our classroom.  Téa and a few friends got to work to share their knowledge.  As a little plug for Uncle Tyler and his organic farm, you can follow Blue Pepper Farm on Instragram @bluepepperfarm.  They are taking orders now and through the summer for chicken, pork and (Animal Welfare Approved) lamb to be available this fall.  If they drum up enough Brooklyn interest, they can coordinate a delivery to the city from the Adirondacks.  Thanks to the Mannix clan for sharing such a fun part of your family with the Beavers!

Mother’s Day is this weekend and your children were very excited about the opportunity to shower their beloved mamas with some much deserved love.  We hope you enjoy the little something your Beavers prepared for you.  They worked so hard on their presents and cards, making wrapping paper and decoration selections based on things they knew their moms would like.  We wish you a wonderful weekend filled with lots of relaxation and quality time with your children.  They are lucky to have moms like you!
Beaver News Flash!  We have so many amazing videos that we want to share, but our blog platform has limited memory and space.  From this post onward, you can find videos of our goings-on in a Google Drive Folder titled “Beaver Videos” – it has been shared with all of you, and you can view, save, and download as you please.  This is a new mode of sharing information, so please let us know if you are experiencing glitches!  We anticipate this will make video-sharing much simpler and easier.




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