Weekly Update 3.14

Earlier this week the Beavers got to spend some quality time with some older students with whom we rarely cross paths.

This semester, Ms. Brandt’s Tenth grade Health class has been working on a sociological about the origins of happiness. For their culminating activity they decided as a class that overall one of the things that makes them the happiest is being around younger children. What better way to wrap up their study than to spend time at the Beaver Lodge?! On Tuesday afternoon the tenth graders visited the Beavers to share some happiness. They talked about some of the things that make them happy:  dancing, being around friends, family, eating and having free time. We then went down to the Garden to draw pictures of some of the things that bring us joy.  New friendship were made and laughs were shared. Soon enough, games of hopscotch ensued,  bubbles were blown, and the Garden was teeming with happiness! It was a very special time for the Beavers and the tenth grade students really enjoyed their company.

We celebrated Saint Patrick’s Day! Here are some pictures of some good ol’ Saint Patty’s day fun!  Top of da mornin’ to ya 🙂

Teacher of the Day Dance Parties!


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