A Short Week, but a Busy One!

Although we only had three days in our classroom, we managed to have a week full of activity, fun, learning, and discovery.  Last week, the Beavers noticed that our puppetry had exceeded the boundaries of our (cardboard) puppet theater – we had too many puppets, too many stories, and too many friends interested in storytelling to fit behind the scenes!  With our shared love of woodworking, it seemed only natural that we try to build our very own puppet theater.  On Wednesday, some of our Maintenance staff – Patrick, Craig, and Craig’s two sons, Cole and Brody – came to our classroom to help with this very important project.

Since our woodworking abilities have a limited range (and we have a limited set of tools), we reached out to the talented Maintenance crew here at Packer to help us with some more advanced building.  Craig Kennedy and Patrick Sandiford brought in wood pieces, screws, screwdrivers, and a power drill to put the theater together.  The Beavers contributed their helping hands, hammers, and goggles.  Their hard work paid off and the Beavers took great pride in the process.  We completed the puppet theater with time for us to enjoy it for the remainder of the week. Throughout the week, we used our Anansi puppets, our paper bag puppets, and other props to create our own stories and revisit some of our favorite tales.

We also took a trip to the Shen Gallery to visit a new exhibition, showcasing artwork by members of our Visual Arts department here at Packer.  In this exhibit,  the artists used various mediums to express their love for special places in their life.  Using charcoal and watercolor, Risa Glickman paints scenes of Brooklyn.  With black and white photography, Liz Titone shares images of the woods.  Sticks, stones and string create sculptures indicative of Eric Baylin’s love for the countryside upstate.  Elizabeth Eagle creates mixed media collages of landscapes in Kenya.  And with fluorescent paints, Michael Miller expresses his love for the vibrancy of the ocean.  After a short gallery walk, the Beavers shared observations about the various artists’ works.

While visiting the gallery, Liz Titone, a lower school art teacher, had the children work in partners to “experience” the artwork.  To help us relate to the artist and their work more deeply, Liz had the children act out what they might be doing if they stepped inside the art.  The children were animated as they acted out We encourage you to stop by the Shen Gallery to visit the faculty art exhibition to appreciate the work of our talented Visual Arts department.  The Faculty Art Exhibit will be open until February 26. Stop by before it’s too late! Ask your Beaver to lead the way!

Milo- I think these here are from the 1990’s, I think she drawed it thinking of the 1990’s (re: Risa’s Art) and these look like traps (re: Eric’s art).

Arjun- I think these are Booby traps. (re: Eric’s art)

Carmen- why did “she” choose to make that? (re: Elizabeth’s art)

Tea- I liked that they used sparkly paint on that painting. (re: Michael’s art)

Pearl- I like that painting, because it’s sparkly. (re: Michael’s art)

Lucia- I like all of the art work, they make me feel happy.

Vivian- I’m not going to say anything, I just wanted to say my name.

Ezra- I really liked those paintings, they were really sparkly too. (re: Michael’s art)

Harper- I like that pink one, because of just the color. (re: Michael’s art)

Jalen- I like those pictures. (re: Liz’s art)

Ava- I liked how you created with the rocks. (re: Eric’s art)

Emerson- I really liked the paintings, with the stripes and the pink and purple. (re: Michael’s art)

Jake- I really like that puz, I wonder if you lift this up it will bump that stick and it will trap monsters and they will get tangled. (re: Eric’s art)

Harper- I really like the painting because they are so colorful. (re: Michael’s art)

Charlie- I am wondering what materials did the other artist use besides paint?

Asher- that looks like New York City. (re: Risa’s Art)

Harry- that is form long long ago, because it looks like New York a long time ago. (re: Risa’s Art)

Steelo- I really like that thing, it seems that if you pull that down , then this come down and the rock comes down and they all get bunched up. (re: Eric’s art)

Elfie- I really like that pink and purple painting over there. I like that everything is dropping down. (re: Michael’s art)

As you can see from these dictations, they were particularly drawn to Michael Miller’s paintings, with their shimmery, neon qualities.  The Beavers were inspired to create their own, so later in the week, we set out florescent paints and paper, presented in a variety of sizes and let the inspiration guide our brushes.  Come up to the classroom and check out the new bulletin board to view some of their interpretations!

Our second round of Teacher of Day started this week, and the Beavers had some exciting shares for the class.  In this round, the Teacher of the Day also has the opportunity to choose the song for our Three-Minute Dance Party after the Share and before Read Aloud.  Here are some clips of this week’s “best moves”:

We also had a special visitor today – Sara’s Mom, Shelly!  Shelly worked as a teacher for many years and is now the Director of Admissions at another school here in Brooklyn.  She joined us for lunch and a Read Aloud of one of Sara’s favorite books as a child, Three by the Sea by Edward Marshall.


Lastly, here are some other “goings-on” from the week.  The Beavers sure do keep busy, even when we’re only in school for three days!

Have a restful weekend everyone, and we’ll see you Monday!

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