Celebrating the Lunar New Year

This week we celebrated the Lunar New Year. As we learned about this celebration, we noticed many similarities and differences between various New Year celebrations. In many Asian cultures, Lunar New Year celebrations continue for two weeks. We learned that children and families prepare for weeks before the New Year celebrations begin. Some of their preparations include: cleaning their homes, preparing meals, having their hair cut, and rehearsing dances and songs – all to be shared during the Lunar New Year festivities.

One point of interest for the Beavers was the role that the dragon plays in many Lunar New Year celebrations. Specifically in Chinese culture, the dragon is a symbol of good luck, power and excellence. Likewise, the color red is central to this celebration as it represents good luck and prosperity. To honor this tradition, the Beavers created their own Chinese dragon to use in our classroom Lunar celebration. Today, we used our Chinese dragon and various homemade and classroom instruments to do our very own Lion Dance.

To all those celebrating, we wish you good luck, health and prosperity for the New Year!

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