Beave My Valentine?!

There is a LOT of love in the Beaver classroom, and with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we spent the week celebrating all of the love that we feel in our community. We asked our caring Beavers to share their thoughts on love and friendship. 

What is Love?

When you love someone so much and you really can’t stop hugging them and kissing them – Alex

Love is when you’re visiting somebody and you love them so much and you don’t even want to say goodbye – Charlie

Love is when you love somebody and say Happy Valentine’s Day – Jalen

When you really like somebody and you can’t stop thinking about them – Steelo

I think love is when you go somewhere and you love the person and you just don’t wanna leave – Cate

Love is when you like somebody so much that you don’t even want to say anything to them, you don’t want to say goodbye, and you don’t want to stop thinking about them – Emerson

Even if you yell at somebody you can still love them, like once I had a dream that I took some stuff down from my Mom and she was chasing me around for some reason and the more I scream, it’s still love – Milo

When you love somebody and you kiss em, kiss em, kiss em! – Asher

When your heart feels really good and they care about you so much and they really like what they gave you – Jake

Love is when like, when you’re going out to dinner with somebody and you don’t want to leave the restaurant, like waah, waah, I want to stay with her! – Ruby

When you love somebody and they’re special to you, and they mean a lot to you and you don’t want to go because you love them and they’re still in your heart if you go – Elfie

Love is when someone loves you so much that when they let go of how much they love someone that it can turn them into a big rage of really not happy – Téa

Love is when you really, really don’t want to leave but if your parents say you have to leave, you don’t want to leave – Pearl

Love is when you love somebody soooo much that you don’t want to leave

Love is when you wanna be with someone you love and kiss them all day and night – Harry

Love is when you don’t wanna let go of someone – Lucia

Love is when you love someone so much that you really don’t wanna leave and you wanna stay til the morning and then the next day you really don’t wanna leave – Vivian

Sometimes, when there is love they break up – Arjun

As preschoolers mature, they start to step away from their self-centered ideas of the world and begin to show empathy. With a developing understanding of others and their respective emotions and experiences, you see the value children place on pleasing and making others happy. They become very emotionally invested in friendships and work hard to take care of one another.

In our classroom, we feel lucky to have developed a community which feels like a tight knit family. Let’s put it this way: there are many “I love you”s, hugs and smiles exchanged everyday in our classroom. We can honestly say, without hesitation and great pride, that we the Beavers truly love one another.

Here are a few snaps of our Beavers creating, sharing and spreading their love throughout the week.

Enjoying our Friendship Fruit Salad made with lots of love.

Creating our Valentine’s Day mailboxes

-Thank you for the shoebox donations!

Beavers dropping in special Valentines messages for their friends.


Dance off, send off!

Practicing the Cupid Shuffle in Dance class:

Our last three Teachers of the Day had some wonderful shares!

Wishing you all a wonderful long weekend and a Happy Valentine’s Day!


Love, your Pre-K Teachers




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