Weekly Update 12.14.15

Our final week of the 2015 was a blast! We decided to go out with a bang! From the holiday party to an author/illustrator visit to our field trip to a pajama party to close us out… the week was filled with holiday cheer!

Thank you for joining us for the holiday party.  We were so happy to be able to spend the morning together celebrating the holiday season! What a spread you all put together! Thank you Jessica and Jennifer for helping with the breakfast and organizing the book exchange!  Thank you to all of the Beaver families for your generous gifts.  The Visa gift cards will be put to good use and the tea towels are adorable!

We had some special visitors this week!  Thank you Dawn for visiting and reading The Grinch Who Stole Christmas.  The pie was a delicious treat and we loved having you here! Thank you to Victoria for sharing your holiday traditions with us.  We enjoyed listening to Christmas carols while learning her famous (or infamous 🙂  Mince Pie recipe.  The kids loved getting their hands dirty!

Our field trip to Puppetworks was a success!  The opportunity to see a real puppet show brought new depth to our discussions about how storytellers make stories come to life. After learning about the beautiful hand-crafted marionette puppets, we enjoyed a production of Beauty and the Beast. Throughout the week, we read several versions of this folktale. When watching the puppet show, the Beavers took note of similarities and differences in the story. The show was fantastic and offered us an opportunity to experience the thrills of the theater. We talked about how reading a story and then seeing a story come to life are very different experiences. Just as we had learned when we visited the Pratt Theater, the children noticed that because of the lights and sound, sometimes the live version of Beauty and the Beast felt much scarier – and more exciting – than when we read it in our classroom. Thank you to all of our parent volunteers for joining us for the trip and for helping to make the day a success!

We had an author and illustrator visit this week.   Adam Rubin and Daniel Salmieri the author and illustrator of Dragons Love Tacos and Secret Pizza Party, joined us to share their new book, Robo-Sauce.  The book is hilarious and the children loved it!  If anyone needs a last minute gift for the holidays, Robo-Sauce would be much-appreciated!

Happy Birthday to two more Beavers! We loved celebrating with you and your families!

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