Weekly Update 10.26 – 10.30

It was another busy week in the Beaver Lodge!  Our class really adopted the Halloween spirit with lots of different activities and plenty of talk about the upcoming festivities for Saturday.

On Monday, we made Mummy Pizzas – a new favorite class recipe.  Although simple, these mini pizzas were a spooky treat and a huge hit!  Find the recipe here.

On Wednesday, we carved a huge pumpkin to make our class jack o’lantern.  First, we voted on what kind of face the jack o’lantern should have: happy, silly, or scary.  After tallying the votes on our graph and noticing that the majority of the Beavers wanted a scary face, we got to work during Choice Time, digging out the pumpkin “guts” and picking apart the seeds.

During Choice Time, we were lucky enough to have another class visitor – Chris Natale, the Lower School Math Specialist.  Mr. Natale helped engage some of the Beavers in our math activity of estimating how many pumpkin seeds there were, and then devising a strategy to count the seeds.  With the suggestion of a few friends, we sorted the pumpkin seeds by putting every count of ten in a paper cup, and then creating “clusters” of 11 cups of 10 seeds each.  The Kindergarten Trains from Mrs. Montero’s room then lent some of their math expertise to help us skip count by 10’s and 100’s, arriving at final count of … 640 pumpkin seeds!  We roasted them up and enjoyed them for a tasty treat today at snack.

On Wednesday, we also created our Name Monsters, an activity that engages young readers and literary enthusiasts by prompting them to recognize the letters of their name.  As young children acquire literacy, they become increasingly aware of print in their world.  Some of the first letters that children learn to recognize are the letters in their own name.  To create a Name Monster, each child was given a piece of newspaper.  They were tasked with the mission of finding the letters of their name throughout the paper.  We provided them prompts as they worked, such as: “How many times can you find the letters of your name?  Can you find the letters of your last name?  Which letters are easiest to find?  Once they had completed their letter hunt, they connected their circled letters (much like a connect the dots) to create the body of the monster.  After we cut them out, they used scraps of paper, buttons, and eyes to give their Name Monster its unique look.

On Thursday we created a Leaf Wreath.  This project was exemplary of the ability that natural materials have to inspire children and adults alike.  One of the teachers had the idea to use the wet leaves from the rainfall to create a wreath.  This prompted the students to go on a hunt for a wire hanger (provided, in the end, by the Packer maintenance staff).  We then worked through Garden and Choice Time to string the leaves on the wire by piercing small holes in the leaves and moving them down the hanger.  By the end of the day, we had a beautiful decoration made of natural, recycled materials!

We met our Fourth Grade Buddies for the first time! Every year, the Preschool classrooms are paired up with another class from the Lower School.  We meet up with them once a month to share stories, read together, sing together, and work together.  This year we are paired up with Spring Kristiansen and Christian Francis’ 4th Grade class.

In dance, the children worked hard to learn a spooky Halloween dance.  They learned choreography and tapped into their spooky spirits.

To view our performance, check out the link below!

Here are some other photos from our week.  Hope everyone has a great Halloween weekend!

Have a safe and fun Halloween!

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    October 30, 2015 at 8:39 pm (3 years ago)

    Love the dance clip!

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