True story

The following is a true story.

For the sake of my public and professional dignity, I wish I were making it up, but I’m not.

I was in a restaurant and on my table, there was a standing advertisement for the newest cocktails and desserts. I picked it up and – I kid you not – unthinkingly touched the picture of the dessert. I spent a whole second in complete befuddlement when it didn’t respond to my finger.

I shall coin this disease iPaditis. I know this virus will have reached its full blown stage the day I tap a student’s cheek where their volume (read: mute) button should be. All this to say, I think I’m getting used to my iPad.

On a more serious note, I’ve been using my iPad’s whiteboard apps to make notes on the classroom Smartboard without having to turn my back on the students. Unfortunately, I’ve been finding that the dongle that connects it to the Smartboard has a mind of its own and only projects the iPad after I sprinkle some fairy dust and incant the magic word. And even after it does, the connection is so fickle that it gets lost if I move the iPad around too much. Forgive me, but I just feel like a device this portable should allow me to transport┬ámy iPad from at least 2 millimeters away from the Smartboard.

So now I’ve been looking into whiteboard apps that have a remote desktop functionality so I can connect my laptop to the Smartboard as usual, but then wirelessly sync the iPad and laptop. That way, I can write on the iPad from anywhere in the room and have it appear on the Smartboard. There are two I’m considering: Splashtop and Doceri. They’re both considerably more expensive than most other apps, but I think the convenience of mobility is well worth it. Will report back.

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