5 Confessions (Jane Im)

Confession # 1: I cheated on my iPad over break and clandestinely cavorted with the newest Kindle. But I felt guilty the whole time I was doing it, and when I found I couldn’t do much else besides reading books, I returned to my faithful apple product.

Conclusion # 1: A Kindle is for readers. An iPad is for everyone.

Confession # 2: I like children well enough but not when I’m on break. So I allowed this very expensive gadget device to take over my babysitting duties for fifteen minutes while I desperately tried to remember why I volunteered to watch my over-hyper cousin.

Conclusion # 2a: An iPad is a monster-whisperer.

Conclusion # 2b: An iPad can survive an 8-foot fall from a bunk bed (just kidding, Jim and Roman). But I’m still glad to see that it can be handled by a five year old and return to my hands unscathed.

Confession # 3: Lately, the iPad has only been used in my classroom as a camera/video player.

Corollary confession # 3: I think some of my Kindergarteners know how to use this iPad better than I do.

Confession # 4: I used my iPad once while I was on the road (albeit in traffic) to check an urgent email.

Conclusion # 4: This is a very bad idea.

Confession # 5: I yelled at my iPad the other day. I know, it doesn’t know any better and I shouldn’t have lost my temper but if spell check tries to auto-correct my last name into a contraction one more time, I’m going to throw a grammar book at it. I’m Jane Im. Not Jane I’m.

Conclusion # 5: Maybe I should learn how to turn off spell check.

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