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The Drum Circle
Today a few Puppies started this drum and percussion band during choice time. Lynnette suggested to them that Mushroom Village was a better place for their beautiful music. Check out this impromptu drum circle. Singing a medley of songs from their Sp (More)
Earth Day
The Puppies celebrated Earth Day with play, sunshine, songs, and lots of mulching.   [/video] More on CIA Day... Here is a video on Intersectionality with The Crickets (Kindergarten) and the Puppies. (More)
The Puppies find a slug...
Today while outside in Mushroom Village a few of our friends found a slug who was holding on to his little life. O (More)
Snowmageddon at Packer
After a heavy snowfall this past weekend, the Puppies decided to enjoy the untouched snow in Mushroom Village and the Garden this morning.  After playing, they shared their favorite things about the snow. Sasha: I like when we make a snow angel an (More)
Jambo, Pickles and Cheese!
Here are a few clips of our adventures since we returned to school!     (More)
Thinking about Dr. Martin Luther King
Today we experienced what Martin Luther King Jr. did for America. In order to truly have 3 and 4-year-olds understand the depth of it, we did not focus on skin color, we focused on fairness. For ten minutes we "segregated" the room by blue and green (More)
Creativity Abounds
It is great to see so much imagination spring forth with the use of Natural Materials. of the best parts of movement on Thursdays is the " (More)
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