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Pool Party
We had a blast today! What a great way to spend this lovely day together. [/video]   [/video] Today while outside in Mushroom Village a few of our friends found a slug who was holding on to his little life. O (More)
Snowmageddon at Packer
After a heavy snowfall this past weekend, the Puppies decided to enjoy the untouched snow in Mushroom Village and the Garden this morning.  After playing, they shared their favorite things about the snow. Sasha: I like when we make a snow angel an (More)
Just Another Day As A Puppy
While some of our friends were inside working and playing a few of us decided to go outside and get some fresh air. WeMore)
Leaf Work
Last week we collected and sorted leaves. The children also cut off the stems, to prepare them for our art projects. Using the stems for scissor practice builds fine motor skills, coordination, and saves paper! SortingMore)
Rainy Days
A few Puppies donned their rain gear and went into the garden. They were very happy to use their umbrellas. The Garden seemed like a new water wonderland, with all the newly formed puddles. It was lovely to see how the Puppies noticed all the element (More)
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