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The Robot Movie
The Robot Movie. 12pm. Pratt Theater. Be there.   (More)
The Robot Movie
Puppies Film Festival and End of Year Party 2016
Puppy Power
Its always nice to come back after the weekend and see our friends, as always everyone is  happy to reunite. Today was a busy day for the Puppies, everyone was heavily engaged in something. The children chose from activities ranging from robot bui (More)
Robot Building
The Puppies have taken their interest in robots to the next level. We have decided to use recycled materials to make robots and plan to add robotic additions to our Dramatic Play area.  Thanks to our wonderful parents, we have been given gifts of rel (More)
A visit from our friends The Crickets
Today the Puppies had a opportunity to show off their robots, take apart museum and their robot body parts that they created for dramatic play. This morning our friends The Crickets came by to see our robots and draw sketches of them. Many of our Pup (More)
Filming Our Robot Movie
SNEAK PEEK! For the past two weeks, the Puppies have been filming their Robot stories. Each child came up with their own idea of what they would personally like a robot to do for them. Amalia's dad Chris came in today to help us film. We even used (More)