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Parent Storytime (Annete)
Annete (Rafi's mom) came in this morning and read Matisse's Garden to the Leaping Lemurs - a simple - and simply beautiful - story of the artist Matisse's paper cuts, how they came to be art under his hand, in a way that will open children's minds to (More)
Parent Storytime, Emily (Grey's Mom)
Emily (Grey's mom) came in to read to the Lemurs this morning! She read the classic Caldecott Award winner in 1956, Anatole, which tells the story of a charming book about a self-respecting French mouse that goes out to prove to humans that mice are (More)
Parent Storytime (Seb's mom)
Seb's mom (Melissa) read the book, Locomotive, to the Leaping Lemurs this morning! The book is rich with information about America's transcontinental railroad. The book comes alive with the details of the trip and the sounds, speed, and strength of t (More)
Parent Storytime (Sabrina)
Nurse Sabrina (aka Clyde's mom) read the The King, The Mice and the Cheese to the Lemurs this morning! The book has been passed down from Clyde's father whose owned the book for about 40 years! It also just so happens that Clyde's great grandfather a (More)
Parent Storytime (Michael and Jen)
Ben's parents read "The Big Orange Spot" to the Leaping Lemurs this morning! Mr. Plumbean lives on a neat street with identical houses all in a row and then his house is splashed with bright orange paint! His neighbors don't like the sight of it and (More)
Parent Storytime (Lisi)
Max's mom (Lisi) came into read "Max's Castle" to the Leaping Lemurs this morning! The Lemurs were noticing the clever changing of block letters to form different words, such as "moat" and "boat." Thank you for sharing this wonderful book with us, (More)
Parent Storytime (Paula)
Paula (Henry's mom) came into read to the Leaping Lemurs yesterday morning! She read "The Night I Followed the Dog," which had us Lemurs thinking...what do our pets do when we're not looking? The Lemurs were eager to share about their many pets at ho (More)
Parent Storytime (Simone)
Jackson's mom (Simone) read the classic book, "Peter's Chair" by Ezra Jack Keats to the Leaping Lemurs last Friday! The Lemurs were able to relate to the idea of having a younger sibling who may inherit some of our clothing, toys, or furniture. More)
Parent Storytime | Thomas' Dad
Thomas' dad, Donald, came in to read, If I Ran the Zoo by Dr. Seuss to the Leaping Lemurs yesterday morning. Gerald has some imaginative ideas for what he would do if he ran a zoo - from caring for a scraggle-foot Mulligatawny to a wild-haired Iota ( (More)
Parent Storytime | Jackson's Mom
Jackson's mom (Jennifer) read the classic Dr. Seuss book, Green Eggs and Ham to the Leaping Lemurs this morning! We agreed that even though a food may not at first seem appealing, we should try it. We might just find out that it is actually delicious (More)
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