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Creativity Abounds
It is great to see so much imagination spring forth with the use of Natural Materials. of the best parts of movement on Thursdays is the " (More)
Wrapping Sticks
This summer Lynnette discovered a new hobby... So today, she brought in one of her fabric wrapped sticks, and showed us how she did it. After she shar (More)
Leaf Work
Last week we collected and sorted leaves. The children also cut off the stems, to prepare them for our art projects. Using the stems for scissor practice builds fine motor skills, coordination, and saves paper! SortingMore)
Assembly Day and Working with Natural Materials
Today, some of the Puppies did one of their favorite Caribbean Soca movement songs "Follow The Leader." The Puppies rocked it out! Take a look. [video width="64 (More)
Author Event: Every You, Every Me
Packer is full of amazing people, but did you know that one of our Assistant Teachers recently published a young adult novel? More)