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Butterflies | Science
The Lemurs released butterflies into the garden this morning after many weeks of careful observations and nurturing! More)
Talk and Teach | June 3rd
Amelie and Soledad did a share about horses and cats. Amelie brought in a book entitled, “Horse Crazy Girls,” which she explained is a book anyone can read. They gave us statistics about both species of animals and introduced us to a few different st (More)
Master of Education | Class of 2016
Congratulations, Ms. Romero! We had so much fun celebrating Ms. Romero's graduation. She told us all about her graduation ceremony and her special gown. More)
Area Equations | Math
As part of Number Corner, the Lemurs had a quick introduction to finding the area of rectangles today. Over the next few days they will be finding the area of various rectangles and begin to think about perimeter, too! 3rd grade- here we come! More)
Brian (Lucy's dad) came in to talk to the Lemurs about the celebration of Passover. He gave a detailed story about the liberation of the Jewish people over two and a half thousand years ago, as they were taken out of slavery in Egypt, led through the (More)
Planting Seeds | Science
The Lemurs are doing some gardening in science in celebration of Spring! They began by placing a folded paper towel with 4 different types of seeds in a ziplock bag and keeping it moist for 2 weeks. They then saw their seeds grow roots, and some even (More)
1,000 Links | Math
The Leaping Lemurs worked together to make a chain of 1,000 links, investigating multiples of 10 and 100 as they created sections of 10, then sections of 100, and finally one long chain of 1,000! The Lemurs predicted this chain of 1,000 would extend (More)
Photograph Detectives | Social Studies
To launch our new unit of study about the Brooklyn Bridge, the Lemurs studied old photographs of Brooklyn and made observations. Here are some things they observed: everyone has the same car, kids are playing on the street, women are wearing really l (More)
Timelines | Social Studies
What is the purpose of a timeline? Timelines tell a story. The Lemurs were given a long strip and some cards with dates and facts on them. They were asked: What story is this timeline telling us? After arranging the cards in chronological order, t (More)
Maglev Challenge a Success! | Science
The Lemurs successfully completed the maglev, or magnetic levitation, challenge in which trains move by using magnets instead of wheels! Students have been learning about the forces of magnetism for a few weeks now, and used this knowledge to plan, c (More)
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