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May Day | 2016
Celebrating Packer's Core Values: Scholarship, Creativity, Integrity, Curiosity, Respect, and Joy. What a fantastic way to wrap up an amazing year! Quote of the day, "Next year, we'll be on the risers." Look out 3rd Grade! More)
The Leaping Lemurs' Holiday Dance!
Prior to the performance a few Leaping Lemurs demonstrated specific types of movements for the audience! More)
Balloons Over Broadway: Happy Thanksgiving
The Leaping Lemurs read Balloons Over Broadway, the story of Tony Sarg who first invented the "upside-down puppets" that have become the trademark of the Macy's Day Parade! Using Tony as inspiration we then made our own animal puppets using mixed-med (More)
Spooky Halloween Dance
The Leaping Lemurs performed a belated Spooky Halloween Dance for Ms. Juttla and I today! Your children have INCREDIBLE dance moves and we will be bringing them out during our Diwali celebration tomorrow morning! More)
When life gives you apples... bring them to class for all to share!  Thank you, Luca and Jackson P, for the delicious apples. Here\'s a poem for all you apple pickers out there: Red Apple By Anonymous   A little red apple Hung high in a tree I looked (More)
It\'s Official: We are the Leaping Lemurs
After selecting a wide variety of possible class names and engaging in a difficult voting process 2JR has finally voted on a class name! We are officially the LEAPING LEMURS! More)
Ms. Gordon\'s Reader\'s Workshop
Ms. Gordon came in and led a workshop with the Leaping Lemurs about reading with expression! Some brave souls read a page aloud from their books in an expressive tone of voice. The class favorite: a mischievous tone of voice! More)