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One Thousand Words
The Lemurs visited Agnes Lee's One Thousand Words exhibit in the Shen Gallery yesterday! Ms. Juttla had the honor of meeting the artist in person at the opening reception and learned more about her artwork from the artist herself. Ms. Juttla spoke to (More)
Earth Day at Brooklyn Bridge Park
The Leaping Lemurs took a field trip to Brooklyn Bridge Park this morning and did some weeding to celebrate Earth Day! More)
CIA Day: Diversity & Intersectionality
The Leaping Lemurs took part in a variety of activities and discussions surrounding diversity during Community in Action (CIA) Day this past week. The Lemurs started CIA Day with an assembly led by Mr. McCauley on intersectionality, in which we talke (More)
Buddies (Great White Sharks!)
This morning the Leaping Lemurs joined the Great White Sharks in the Kindergarten Suite and engaged in a fun art activity - they drew portraits of one another! Students worked carefully and thoughtfully while drawing portraits of their peers. More)
NYC Water Taxi Trip
The 2nd Grade took a wonderful boat ride up the East River in a NYC Water Taxi this morning! We were able to take in NYC's majestic skyline and many MANY bridges. Mr. Youngblut made an excellent tour guide, providing rich information! Parent Chape (More)
The Leaping Lemurs Visit the 4JC Living Museum
The Leaping Lemurs visited the 4JC Brooklyn 1776: Living Museum this morning! The fourth recreated the Brooklyn of 1776 and portrayed roles as glassblowers, millers, bakers, apothecaries, among others. They then gave us a special performance of the M (More)
New York City\'s Secret Garden : The High Line
Yesterday the Leaping Lemurs had the opportunity to learn about the rich history of New York City\'s secret garden: The High Line. The Leaping Lemurs learned about how the High Line, once a station in which cargo trains crossed delivering items along (More)
Sketching at the Promenade!
The Leaping Lemurs took a lovely stroll over to the Brooklyn Pier Promenade. We sat on the benches and sketched the skyline of Lower Manhattan. We all drew attentively being sure to capture the small details in the background. More)
Physics - Energy Research
Why should you use a library database for research? They are designed to give you reliable information from trusted sources. They also help you sort through irrelevant (More)