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Pool Party
We had a blast today! What a great way to spend this lovely day together. [caption id="attach (More)
Puppy Power
Its always nice to come back after the weekend and see our friends, as always everyone is  happy to reunite. Today was a busy day for the Puppies, everyone was heavily engaged in something. The children chose from activities ranging from robot bui (More)
Robot Building
The Puppies have taken their interest in robots to the next level. We have decided to use recycled materials to make robots and plan to add robotic additions to our Dramatic Play area.  Thanks to our wonderful parents, we have been given gifts of rel (More)
A visit from our friends The Crickets
Today the Puppies had a opportunity to show off their robots, take apart museum and their robot body parts that they created for dramatic play. This morning our friends The Crickets came by to see our robots and draw sketches of them. Many of our Pup (More)
The Lost and Found Fashion Show
We have accumulated quite a collection of Lost and Found. If anything looks familiar... please inquire within. [video width="960" height="540" mp4=" (More)
Happy Friday!
There has been a surge of fine motor skills in the classroom. The Writer's Notebook table has been busy every day this w (More)
CIA Day with the Puppies
  Today the Puppies experienced their first Community In Action Day.  CIA Day is a day in which classes are replaced with workshops that engage the community in discussions and seminars that further our work with the Packer diversity initiati (More)
A Lost Wing
Have you ever seen a bird with just one wing? Well neither have we, but yesterday while outside, one of our friends Luca found a bird's wing. When it was shown to the teachers and students, we thought that it was just one feather until we took the ti (More)
Yellow Shafted Northern Flicker
The wing Luca found in outside is from a Yellow Shafted Northern Flicker! Ines was so excited, she brought in a 2 bird guides today. Sanai's grandmother, who was a science teacher stayed for 45 mins this morning researching with us. Charnea and seve (More)
This week the Puppies have worked on their self-portraits. Each child observes their image in the mirror then represents the shapes and features they notice. Part of the benefits of this important developmental milestone is: *the growth in fine mo (More)
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