Robot Building

The Puppies have taken their interest in robots to the next level. We have decided to use recycled materials to make robots and plan to add robotic additions to our Dramatic Play area.  Thanks to our wonderful parents, we have been given gifts of relevant materials for our creations. Over the past few weeks we have been taking apart different appliances and electronics to use them as additions to our robots.  We also must thank the Leaping Lemurs for their amazing contributions of boxes that we have used for project.

Today we continued unscrewing most of the electronics until we faced some screws that were even too hard for the teachers to manage! We decided to call on Superintendent Craig Kennedy to bring over his drill and teach the Puppies how to use bigger tools.  Thanks to him, we dissembled the VHS tape player as well as a sound receiver while learning how to use power tools! Our pictures from the last few days will give you a taste of where our project is headed.



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